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Welcome to the web page of health and nutrition club Pandora. Our goal is to give you our knowledge for how to be more healthy. It is a simple combination for healthy foods in proper measurement and regular exercises.

It is not hard, it can be done. We know that because we have the needed experience.

If you want to try you are welcomed in our club at 14 Main Street, Zoar, Ohio 44697

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Diet and exercise


Don`t think that just because you started going to the gym and doing weight-loss wxercises, you will automatically start losing weight.

For a period of 16 months researchers from the University of Kansas observed a group of young people who where doing exercises. Exercising was held regularly and was observed. The diet was not specified by the scientists and each participant was eating at his/her own discretion. It turned out that young people didn`t make any changes in the ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates in their food. Women in particular were making the following mistake: they thought that increasing their physical activity allows them to eat everyting that they want. So then everybody was weighted, it turned out that men lost an average of 10 lbs. and the women didn`t lose any weight. There were even women who gained weight.

When discussing the food the participants were consuming during the experiment, it become clear that women didn`t think about the number of calories in the food they were eating and consumed around 700 calories more tha usual, while men did much better by consuming just 200 calories more.

According to the scientists, this experiment is a proff that despite the increased physical activity, wrong diet will always prevent you from losing weight. This is why the experts think that planning is very important as to the people who want to want to lose weight, as well us to the ones who want to gain muscle mass. As boring as counting calories is, it important to know how many calories you are taking with your daily meals and how many calories you are losing while exercising or performing other activities. Think about it – the difference of 500 calories a day between the both sexes is the reason why the women in the experiment didn`t lose any weight while the men did better (but no by much).